Identity collection 2018

applecore chose to unveil at Paris Fashion Week the project called « Identity », the first episode of a series about human evolution.

Over the last few months, applecore introduced a series of teasers and clues. Artists and influencers such as Luka Sabbat and French rappers Niska and Koba La D, wore the new collection during press events, music videos and album covers.

The brand’s founders Steven Alexis and Moriba Koné have always been influenced by real life subjects, in line with their vision and personal experiences, proving their true involvement in the fashion scene despite taking a few months off to focus on developing their own identities and branding.

« Identity », Episode 1, tells the story of a part of their lives and what they have gone through. This episode talks about the way they have grown from childhood to adulthood, about the people they surround themselves with, and how the positive or negative aspects of their respective and joint paths took place. This collection is a living embodiment of a generation of children of immigrants, open to the world and its diversity. This collection calls for attention.

“Find Yourself” How does one build himself? Steven and Moriba question their self-growth through this three-part project, influenced all at once by life, education, friends and family circles, and by a society that constantly changes through digital and artificial intelligence.

A life story that takes you from stability to risk, from right to wrong, from present to near future. A construction that goes through several phases: the dream of a future of certainty, or of uncertainty, the understanding of one’s wishes, of the reality around, and finally, the development and assertion of one’s tastes, opinions and personal desires. An afflux of sensations that they claim in order to express and find their own identity.

« Identity » is a collection divided in three parts: the first one with neutral and white tones to represent purity; we were all born human. The second one with a wider range of colors, embodying life tests and risk-taking according to personalities. The third, mainly black, very dark, conveying the harshness of life, bad choices, leading to anonymity, or camouflage.

During the entire season 2018/2019, applecore is going to explore these subjects with different actors and different experiences around this project ‘Identity”.